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#2 Product of the DayApril 15, 2019
SQL Cards is a set of cards that help you to learn — or teach — the SQL language used to query relational databases.
This is free under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.
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Hi Makers ! 👋 === If you have trouble accessing to website, here a mirror : http://sqlcards.surge.sh/sql-cards === I'm a developer and data scientist from 🇫🇷who loves pedagogy and how we can make code more accessible and fun to learn. I've noticed a lot of people are interested in learning SQL as it can allow them to query databases and to become autonomous when extracting and analyzing data. That's why I've made this SQL cards deck, focused on data selection (you will not see any card to UPDATE or DELETE data). This deck is free to use, you can print it, cut it out and use it in classroom, in your company, or however you want. However, these cards should not be used alone, but with someone or some SQL course to guide you. 👀This is the first version, I already plan to do a second version based on your feedback ! I would also like to do other tools for Python, HTML, CSS and JS ! You can subscribe to the newsletter on the website for more info. I hope you will like it, and I'm available if you have any question ;) Have a nice day, Julien
@jwheatp You're using a self-signed certificate from Laravel Valet on live server. This one can be used only for local development. You need to install Let's Encrypt certificate of just simply use HTTP protocol now.
@csaba_kissi Hi, I'm using Netlify.. I just checked configuration again and everything seems ok :/
@jwheatp My fault 😉 I've Laravel Valet installed on my machine and it forwards all dev domains to my local machine. So this is why it doesn't work for me and maybe won't for some users who use dev domains for development. BTW great idea to make SQL queries as cards!
@csaba_kissi Oh you're right.. Well spotted ! Thanks !
Your server are down :(
@douglasevaristo Are you sure ? It's working for me :)
@douglasevaristo Thanks, hmm not sure to understand why. I created a mirror here : http://sqlcards.surge.sh/sql-cards . Please let me know if you have other issues.
@jwheatp Wow!! Really nice!! Thanks :) 👏👏
well done! great idea to make sql queries into cards :)
definitely a pretty and cool idea! The site looks really clear and great. The problem that I see with the cards, you can only use the Columns once :-/ Rewritable cards would be the hit. :D
@de_henne Thanks ! Yes it's a problem to study in the next version :) But for this 1st version that's why I put the columns cards on a dedicated sheet, so you can print again just this sheet
Awesome , now we need NoSql Card too :)