SQEDit Scheduling App

Effortlessly manage your communication, in one simple place

SQEDit is a free and easy-to-use communication scheduling app that incorporates a(n): Whatsapp scheduler, SMS scheduler, Facebook post scheduler, Call scheduler, and Email scheduler. This top-rated Android scheduling app acts like your personal virtual assistant. Effortlessly handle all your communication, in one simple place.

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One thing I find irritating is: the app is only available on android but it's showing an iPhone (on the website).
@karimdaghari You are absolutely right - The website is currently under revamp :)
@hass_k it looks great now!
SQEDit voted app of the Week by aitnews! https://aitnews.com/2017/04/02/s... @aitnews
...and featured in Daily Hunt! http://m.dailyhunt.in/news/india...
SQEDit allows you to schedule Calls, Text messages, Emails, Facebook posts, and Whatsapp messages. All you have to do is Write your content, select the date & time, and let SQEDit do the rest! We are currently working on upgrading the app and creating an ios version, would love to hear any feedback you might have!! Many thanks in advance! Keep SQEDiting... SQEDit :)
Does it work from a laptop?