Task a satellite to take your picture, in real time

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The universes longest selfie stick. They only support one satellite (EROS 2), and getting more is virtually impossible because of how that market works, but it's a cute app.
@atroyn The current satellite for tasking is EROS-B. More taskable satellites will be added soon, and users also have access to the full DigitalGlobe archive of imagery from WorldView-1, WorldView-2, WorldView-3, and GeoEye-1.
Based on the video demo, tasking that satellite to take a photo for you costs $600 (not sure if price varies and what locations it services):
I wonder which industries could benefit from this? And then, hypothetically... could ISIS use this?
@stewart_cc The price for recent archive satellite imagery is between $10 and $80 depending in the size of the image and the imagery classification in the DigitalGlobe archive. The cost for new tasking varies between $500 and $800 depending on image size.
@stewart_cc Multiple security features (including location-based U.S. trade embargo enforcement within the app and supporting server) would preclude ISIS (or other undesirables) from using SpyMeSat. We do not discuss all security features in order to make them more difficult to defeat.
@stewart_cc We believe there are several industries that could benefit from recent satellite imagery and new tasking, including oil&gas (for remote site monitoring and exploration site surveys), insurance (for post-storm damage assessment), tax assessment (to confirm structure sizes), civil engineering and construction, real estate, and more. Plus we believe there is an untapped market for groups (sports teams, school classes, etc.) for group "space selfies" since the app notifies the user of the date/time (down to the second) of each imaging attempt several hours before it happens.
@stewart_cc Regarding locations supported, real-time satellite imaging opportunity notifications are supported world-wide. Archive imagery is available world-wide, although the age of some areas may be older than others. New Tasking is available to users in Western Europe, United States, Canada, Australia & New Zealand and surrounding islands ("Oceania") for new tasking within those regions. Users in any supported region can task the satellite to take images within any region (not just their own). We expect to soon add satellites that will support new tasking worldwide, though we will likely preclude new tasking in regions like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and other war zones, for obvious reasons.
We created SpyMeSat to educate people about, and make them aware of, the (unclassified) imaging satellites that are operated by commercial and government organizations worldwide, and to provide easier access to satellite imagery for everyone, including government, industry, and the consumer. SpyMeSat provides real-time notifications of satellite imaging opportunities, makes searching and downloading recent satellite imagery as simple as buying a song, and greatly simplifies the process for tasking a satellite to take a new image.