Shop the screen. Buy clothes you see on TV.

This is too fun! ALSO taking a poll on if people actually like the audio sync feature!
@wowalymoore Spylight is amazing :)
Hey all - my name's Jacob and I'm the CTO of Spylight... super humbled by the response so far from the PH community. Open to all feedback on the app/site ... and you guys rock.
I could bet on upcoming hitech fashion startups. Just love to see the funnel of everyone :)
@misbahspeaks it's an exciting field to be in! Spylight is at the intersection of tech, fashion, and entertainment - we'll see some serious growth in this area I bet!
@wowalymoore I'd love to have a quick chat over this soon with you. Let me know the best way to do it.
@misbahspeaks aly@spylight.com - you can reach me there! :)
These apps, billed as "Shazam for X" are usually dumb. And yet, I kind of like this lazy attempt at keeping up with fashion and coming up with something beyond IMDB lookups as a second screen interaction to TV.
@tomlimongello that's just not a good way to describe it; really cool app tho!
Interesting. Recently heard of a photo capture version called Reveel. https://www.iccode.tv
@kyletaylored uhhh - this looks like some weirdo hi-tech shit LOL - I think the best technology is stuff that a 5 year old can understand. "IT TELLS YOU WHAT LYRICS MEAN." "IT TELLS YOU WHAT THEY'RE WEARING ON TV!" - simple! I am a technophobe so that is the sort of stuff that gets ME excited, personally...