Facebook ad library spy tool. Collect, store and share ads🎥

Spyder - simplifies your work with ad spy tool Facebook Ad Library. Store competitor’s ads, share with the colleagues, make collections.
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Nice UI and awesome idea, keep going!
Our team creates a lot of video ads 🎥 for Facebook. Like many marketers😻 and creators👻, we monitor competitors' video ads on Facebook Ad Library. But links from Facebook Ad Library often expire and can't be shared with the colleagues. To deal with that trouble we saved videos on our laptops, Google Drive, Dropbox. A lot of hustle and very time-consuming. 🌚😱😳 Voilà! 🎉 We created a tool, that saves videos from the Facebook ad library and stores it in our cloud-based service. All you need - copy the link to clipboard and paste it in the Spyder. That's it. 💎Upload videos from Facebook in 1 click 💎 Share the link for the videos with the colleagues 💎 Make a collection of your favorite ads 🔜 Chrome widget Our tool is absolutely free. We will be happy to receive your feedback :)
@vanya_karabaniuk , meanwhile, here is the link to Facebook Ad Library: https://www.facebook.com/ads/lib...
Hey Hunters, did you know about Facebook Ad Library before?
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Looks great and easy to use. Will try it soon. Thank you for the tool, guys! :)
@xeniagoron Thx a lot! Awaiting for your feedback))
Cool tool, very easy to use too! Few annotated comments left here on your landing page in relation to social proof that I hope is useful to you -- https://app.usebubbles.com/7e915...
@tom4 wow! Nice suggestions and tool ;)