Transforms your iPhone into a hidden camera

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Joao Carvalho@johntheoak · Head of Design & UX
The strange moment when the phone rings while holding the cup...
ildar khakimovMaker@ildarius
@johntheoak haha, yes! Put the iPhone in silent/airplane mode and always dim the screen :)
Avi Zuber@avizuber · Product Designer @ Eved
@ildarius @johntheoak Would it still work with the remote in airplane mode?
ildar khakimovMaker@ildarius
@avizuber @johntheoak It depends on the situation, if you don't need to press record using the bluetooth trigger yes, if you need to use the trigger then I suggest putting the phone in silent mode. Dimming the screen does not interfere with the recording/taking pictures.
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Partner, The Upstarters
So what is the actual use-case here? @ildarius Assuming people don't like to be filmed in secret either... has there been any pushback?
ildar khakimovMaker@ildarius
Hi Ben, thank you for the question. @bentossell We see it as a perfect tool for activists and private investigators, see our latest video which explains it best: https://youtu.be/GwVczl60eTI I originally had the idea while filming dolphin hunt in Taiji Japan. One day while filming I was approached by the police because I was a foreigner in a small Japanese town and I was standing next to Sea Shepherd who are sometimes attacked by ultra right wingers from Osaka. Inside the police station I had an urgent need to record what's happening. My translator before me was arrested for 52 days (visa problems). However activating a Pen/Keyfob camera might have been seen, footage would be at an awkward level and this equipment could have been confiscated. With my iPhone on the other hand I could be streaming live to whomever is watching.. We understand there are negative uses to this, as with pretty much anything out there, we did get pushback especially because of the name, but we decided to stick with it simply because it's so easy to remember and it's kind of catchy. But this could be an indispensable tool for activists who don't have 300$ to spend on a hidden camera and want to be able to stream. When you combine your iPhone with Spy Cup you end up with a hidden camera that's 9 times cheaper, records video quality that's 3 times better and can be used with Periscope, an app which by the way was inspired by the Gezi protests in Turkey to live stream what's happening to the world. We have a whole section dedicated to that answer here: https://www.kickstarter.com/proj...
ildar khakimovMaker@ildarius
Hey everyone, I came up with this idea while inside of a Japanese police station, true story! Idea is to give you a cheaper version of a hidden camera that costs about 9 times less and provides 2 times better resolution (often more). I'd love to hear your feedback about how we can improve the product or how you would use it.
Roger HuangHiring@rogerh1991 · Build all the things.
@ildarius As a prospective spy, I love the premise of this product.
Chung Van Nguyen@kimcy929 · Android Developer
I like this idea :))