A Slack bot that notifies when your teammate becomes active

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@chrismessina thanks for hunting us today! Hello, Product Hunters! It’s David Co-Founder of Zenbot, today we are excited to launch one of our Bots powered by the technology of www.zenbot.org. Spybot is a bot for Slack that notifies when your teammate becomes active. In one command line “/catch @"user"" the bot will notify as soon as your teammate open Slack. You can also set reminders or postpone any notification. /catch @"user" Talk about our report SpyBot helps you to focus on the real things!. We believe that simple things can resolve any problem :) We are starting our journey and your feedback is more than welcome! Happy to answer any questions here or you can reach me directly at dave@zenbot.org QUICK FAQ: https://hub.zenbot.org/spybot#faq
@sharifulin thanks for your feedback ;)
@sharifulin Thank you man!!! :)
@baskelos @chrismessina @shanemac @rrhoover @zenbot Great job! SpyBot solved one of the major inconveniences while using Slack. I was waiting for such solution from the very first day of my Slack experience.
@jane_orlova Thank you for this great feedback! Nice to see the tool we use daily is so useful for other teams! And give my regards to Stephen ))
@chrismessina Thank you a lot for hunting us! I'm so exited to see our products are useful not only for our team ))
This is an awesome bot, I like a lot the way you focus on common problems and provides simple and easy solutions. This is a very good job. Congratulations!
@germancastano thank you a lot for nice words!
@germancastano thanks for your feedback)
I imagine WFH will become more productive for companies with feature.