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Looks like a pinterest for buying products
@bentossell There is already a Pinterest for buying products: https://fancy.com/
@bentossell Thanks, you nailed it head on! Though "Pinterest for Products" is more closer to what we are doing now. As we don't involve buying and selling activities. A key difference is that - Pinterest is about all the images on the Internet; whereas Spurlo is about inspiring products.
@anselm_urban @bentossell Thanks for the comment! Fancy's content is controlled by themselves and their sellers on board, users can't add their own content. For Spurlo, the content is purely from user and community.
@anselm_urban @bentossell Essentially Fancy is A seller; whereas Spurlo is an open platform and a community, we don't sell any products. We help user to discover, collect and curate instead.
spurlo.com is a tech startup leaning toward providing a platform for you to discover, collect, and curate inspiring consumer products from your favorite stores and brands across the web. It's where your interests, hobbies and product love are showcased. Our goal is to help curating a catalog of inspiring products across the web that would enable people discover creative ideas, pick up new hobbies, find their style and plan life's important projects.
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