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Love this idea and as I've said to Luke, really impressed with the custom work done on @SachaGreif's Telescope. I think product discovery in this space is just exploding, and more and more people want to buy direct from producers if they can. I've been to the Fancy Food show three times and met hundreds of producers who are still figuring out the web and social, but know they need to take it seriously. This could be a great community for them to access "early adopters".
@dshan Sounds like you've put some thought into this space. Let's talk if you're interested in seeing if there's a way to work together. Need to find the best path forward regarding monetization.
@eriktorenberg Version 2! The plan is to allow people to sample products through a "I want that" function that allows them to get/buy samples directly from the brands. The brands then get to engage with a passionate user base in markets where they are trying to grow their presence (i.e. like brand ambassadors). I'd be interested in other ideas though. What do you think?
@vernonluke I think, you should position it as "organic online fair". Because, as an owner of a healthy restaurant, i interest to discover something new to enrich our offerings.