Infographic creation tool

#3 Product of the DayJune 21, 2014
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Something I've been working on for quite some time (now together with @ziflex): HTML5-based, fully scalable, multi-view, data-driven presentations :-) Your feedback is very welcome! Cheers, Pavel.
I will try it. It seems awesome. In my opinion infographics is not rising trends. The buzz has passed. If i were you, i'd position it as a web based presentation tool. I mean, you are offering better options for slideshare etc. Presentation market is much bigger than infographics market.
Hi @ozguralaz this page has been around for awhile, but with content marketing statistics saying infographics is on the rise, do you think there's a market for designers to work on done-for-you infographics for blog posts? Thanks!
I still like using infographics but multi use is even better. I started an account and will try you out next time I need to do something.
@volpav The demo's provided were interesting, but the lack of actual visuals on your landing page was disturbing. You're marketing visual content, I shouldn't have to click away to see any!