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@Scandylan shared this with me last night. You have to try out the demo at the top of the page and switch to 500 words per minute. It's surprisingly easy to follow. Their mission (from the about page) is bold and meaningful: "Spritz’s mission is to change the way people read and make communication faster, easier, and more effective."
I wonder what this means for design for users with ADHD. Learning about how to design for cognition apart from neurotypical cognition is my hobby, so on that level something like this is really fascinating. Additionally, it's great that they're thinking beyond a phone. I'm not sure this is a mobile-app type product. Their smartwatch example seems a lot more relevant and with all the curved screens we're seeing at MWC, I think this could really be ahead of its time.
@UXAndrew great point re: the watch use case. Marque, scrolling text isn't going to work in that format.
Can you imagine how this app could work in conjunction with Sesame-Enable!? You could literally redefine the entire experience of interaction for those with dexterity disabilities in one fell swoop. http://www.youtube.com/channel/U...
Reminds me of Velocity, shared way back on PH. One of my favorite PH finds.