Delight your team with this Agile Retrospective builder

Unique way of building Agile Retros
Sprintwow is designed to collect various data throughout the sprint to corroborate your team's performance. The platform empowers event recording and also team input capturing to build an infographic like presentation.
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Software Architect
I've been working in Software Engineering for 12+ years and I started to make my own tools when needed. Sprintwow was born out of desire of efficiency and the fact I did not want to sit at the end of the sprint and think what happen in the last days, but rather to document during sprint period what happens and present this at Retrospective. Sprintwow let's you build infographic like retrospectives out of notes you have taken during the sprint. As features: * document unplanned events * document unplanned time offs * document infrastructure issues * get team vibe * document went well, went bad, to improve items * state the team members that did outstanding jobs this sprint * take private notes * full list of notes * show off to stakeholders with the retrospective * take decisions based on the bird view
Sebastian Maraloiu 🚀 ⚡
Growth Marketing / Product Marketing
Looks like a very useful tool. Congrats and good luck!
Ciprian RedinciuciOS Developer
Gave it a try as a beta user and absolutely loved it! Makes documenting the different impediments you and your teammates encounter on a sprint basis so much simpler - they usually get lost in email or Slack.
@cyupa Thank you so much for your feedback, really appreciate it!
I used SprintWOW and love it! It helps us increasing transparency across our team members and offering a unified view! Congrats guys, and good luck!
@diana_tamas Thank you so much for your feedback!
Sprintwow is super good at documenting your sprints and exporting easy to read reports
@pruscior Thank you so much for your feedback!
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