The quick and simple Pomodoro timer for Mac

Sprints is a simple and user-friendly produc­tivity tracker for Mac, that lives on the menubar and helps you get more productive on your tasks day by day.
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In these quarantine times, I found it difficult to focus on a specific task. And when I did try hard to focus I got stressed out after a few hours. I found the Pomodoro technique to be quite helpful. It gave me a time slot between which I had to complete a task, followed by a break to clear my mind. Another thing I struggled a lot is with changing context between different tasks, most of the time I worked on a single thing a day. This technique helped in that too because of the work, break, work structure. I used the stopwatch on my phone to do this. It was fast. I wanted something like that in my Mac on the menubar. Never found something that can be started with just a keyboard shortcut from anywhere. Like that Sprints was created. Also when I used my phone I used to keep track of the number of times I completed a sprint by which I could measure my actual effective amount of time I put into my work that day along with tracking my day to day productivity. The counter is a new thing that I added, hope you will also find it useful in similar ways.
True having something on the system you are working on is better than phone. As soon as I pick up my phone there are notifications which take up my time :P. Thanks for building this :)
Nice point Avinash. I am glad you liked it.
This is really helpful. 👏🏼
@rohitbind Thank you. 🙂
Great for performance tracking, I am gonna definitely use it for increasing my productivity. Its more useful in this covid-19 situation when most of the people are working from home.
@manish_mehta1 Exactly. Thank you so much.
Definitely helps to improve focus on a single task at a time.
@shivam_gupta_cvm_ We are like-minded people.