Retrospectives with accountability ✅

Sprintlio is a powerful and intelligent retrospectives tool built to seamlessly fit between Slack and Jira for modern agile teams. Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Agile-ish, Waterfall - if you run retrospectives, this is the tool for you.

  • Pros: 

    Was a much more engaging way to do a retro with my team, and allowed us to make sure took action to improve over time.


    Still some UX stuff being worked out, but gotten a lot better :)

    I've used this for half a dozen retros, and this is definitely something worth trying out with your team. It lead to better discussion, faster learnings, and most importantly allowed us to keep each other accountable for necessary change.

    Definitely take it for a spin.

    Alec Levin has used this product for one month.
  • Adrian Gazzoli
    Adrian GazzoliTribalScale

    - Makes running retros very easy and quick

    - The action item (tasks) follow up feature is amazing

    - All the integrations are a bonus!


    - Takes some time to invite the entire team

    We've been using this service at our company for the past few months. Way superior to other services (i.e. Postfacto) with all integrations and additional features. Makes running retros and tracking history a breeze.

    Adrian Gazzoli has used this product for one month.
Hi Product Hunt! We built Sprintlio with the vision of bringing accountability to retrospectives. We've experienced how transformational an effective retro can be for a team. We learned that it wasn't simply running retros that was important - you can do that anywhere. What's actually important is whether or not your team took action and improved. We think your team deserves more than sticky notes and white boards to have a discussion. We feel that you shouldn’t have to take pictures of action items and upload them to Slack never to be seen again. We know that it shouldn’t be one team member’s responsibility to manage everyone else’s to-dos. Here’s a list of some of the most impactful features as per our customers: * Ability to customize meeting formats to mix up discussion * Customization of cards by allowing anonymity, descriptions, links, code snippets, attachments, votes, and more * Manage team-wide tasks as a checklist with owners, due dates, reminders, and more * Export tasks and meetings to their workflow integrations such as JIRA, GitHub, Slack, and more * Track participation, sentiment, and accountability over time with detailed analytics * Automatic recaps to remove the administrative burden of running retros
An up and coming app with lots of potential. We use it for our retrospective meetings. So much better than what we had before!
@solonaarmstrong Solona! Thanks so much for your support. Shopify's been an incredible partner 😃
I have been using Sprintlio with my research team for nearly 8 months to help manage weekly meetings about a large multi-site clinical trial. This project has involved half-a-dozen research staff and students who are implementing an $1.5 million research project that I am leading. We use the technology to guide our meetings, share documents, ,and stay on top of many tasks involved in research from ethics submissions, the participant requests, to data sharing. As the Principal Investigator I'm able to see my team identify and solve challenges in between meetings, identify areas of focus week to week, and see my team build capacity by learning from each others experiences. Perhaps most importantly for us is it now represents a wealth of historical data regarding the implementation of our study that can be included in our interpretation and analysis of findings from our research. Although I don't run tech team, we research around the use of technology in healthcare and have adopted agile processes to help make the team efficient and effective. Sprintlio helps us maintain this mindset, while supporting a cohesive team structure even when working all over Ontario. I look forward to continuing to benefit from Sprintlio for this and other research projects and international collaborations.
@csteelegray Wow Carolyn! Thank you for taking the time to share this. It’s been amazing 8 months working together. You and the team have been pivotal to how we decide what to build and quite frankly, wouldn’t be here without you and the team! We promise to keep building the product to add value to your team!
@andrewkong We're very happy with how responsive you've been to feedback from me and the team. I also wanted to flag that in the past I tried to use Trello to help manage my teams with no success at all. The team uses Sprintlio! And we look forward to learning new and better ways to improve our processes with the help of this great tool.
Great product by a great team. Congrats on the launch.
@danfrg Thanks Dan! You rock.
Awesome stuff, congrats on the launch!
Thanks @haneefghanim. Very appreciative of your support this entire time.