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Trying too hard to appeal to teens 💁🏻‍♂️
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Hey Product Hunt, Hoon from Sprinkles team here. We are working hard on two fronts to launch very soon: - new content generation based on new things we are able to recognize - new computer vision based filters Pro Tips: - If you are okay with Strong language, turn it on in the settings. - search feature is very powerful and is able to find thousands of free sticker images across the web 🙏🙏🙏 We’d love get some feedback and I’m happy to answer questions!
@hoon does this app upload every single photo on the phone to your servers, or only photos that are selected by the user or taken with the app?
@sebfeed only picture you take on the app or the photos you select to use
Sprinkles is Microsoft's entrance into the market of fun camera apps. It uses machine learning to power suggested captions and stickers for photos. It also has fun elements like finding your celebrity doppelganger. 😀
I'm kind-of getting tired of these types of apps; there's hundreds of them in the app stores and they all do the same thing.. It would be nice if someone took this concept, and the developers skills, and built something more interesting than an app that puts cat cartoons on someone's head.
@fbara Cannot agree more. Can we do anything more valuable and meaningful with those fantastic technology instead of "puts cat cartoons on someone's head"...
@fbara yep there are definitely a lot of apps that does similar things. While it looks like a another me-too product that does stickers, we wanted to bring new Computer Vision tech / ideas in a fun way under one app. This is just a starting point.
Curious if anyone else actually tried the app or not? Cons: the UI isn't graceful & photo processing can be slow. Pros: when the AI gets the auto-generated meme/sticker application/etc just right, you wonder if the thing lives in your head.