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#4 Product of the DayAugust 24, 2018
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Springzo provides unlimited content written by expert content writers for a flat monthly fee! Place a request for the content you need (share the topic / outline / bullet points / audio recording / reference article) and receive professionally written content in your brand’s voice within 4-5 days.

  • Jacklyn C
    Jacklyn CFinTech enthusiast



    Devalues the profession of writing, not sure what 1 cent/word writers gets you in terms of quality

    Just doing some math, writers are probably making 1-2 cents/word. That's insulting and devalues the writing profession. I can't imagine the quality you'd get from this 199/mo service for 5k words. Or which labour pool you're taking advantage of...

    Jacklyn C has never used this product.
  • Udaya Prakash
    Udaya PrakashCo-Founder, The4thBlock

    Cost effective and fast turn around times. Good Long form articles.



    Have used Springzo in the past for a couple of content pieces on startups, UX and around product marketing. Top-notch content quality and illustrations.

    Udaya Prakash has used this product for one month.
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Joe Goldstein
Joe Goldstein@joeadamg · Director of SEO at Contractor Calls
I love the idea, but the writing samples were disappointing. If anyone launches a more expensive service with better writers on the same model, let me know.
Shalin TJ
Shalin TJMaker@shalinjain27 · Founder & Chief Coffee Drinker @Springzo
@joeadamg Sorry to hear the sample articles didn't meet your desired content quality. We will surely look at improving the same. In the meantime, do have a look at other content pieces we have published: https://zo.springzo.com/2odq2m5 P.S. If you ever change your mind and decide on giving Springzo a try, we would be happy to take it up as a challenge.
Taylor Banks
Taylor Banks@taylor_banks
@joeadamg @shalinjain27 Furthermore, there are several grammatical errors on the homepage, which was enough to immediately deter me. If you guys don't have native English speakers to QA your own sales page, I suspect the quality of delivered work will be sub-par at best. :(
Shalin TJ
Shalin TJMaker@shalinjain27 · Founder & Chief Coffee Drinker @Springzo
@joeadamg @taylor_banks Hey Taylor. Thanks for your feedback. We're continually striving to improve the quality of our content. For instance, we are experimenting with having a native English copy editor to vet all the articles before we send them to clients. Having said that, I'm pretty sure the quality of our content in its current form is surely way above par.
N T@naeem · Fulltime traveler & product guy.
@joeadamg We have a similar model, but with professional American native speakers: http://contentfly.co Feel free to check out our samples - they speak for themselves: https://contentfly.co/blog/why-b... ;)
Alexander Smekhov
Alexander Smekhov@asmekhov · Managing Director
Congrats with the launch, but I don't get how much of content can the customer order (it says unlimited, but is it for real?)
Shalin TJ
Shalin TJMaker@shalinjain27 · Founder & Chief Coffee Drinker @Springzo
@bitrewards Hi Alex. We assure to deliver a minimum of 4000-5000 words. Having said that, there have been instances where we have been able to write around 7000 words/month too. So, it depends on the type of content you order during the month. For instance, take these two articles: 1. Who Are We Fooling? Is One Day Really Enough To Save The Environment? 2. It Took Me 1 Hour to Explain Everything about Blockchain To My Grandma! Here's How I Did It! The second one involves a lot more research and the writer will need more time, and re-writes to satiate the intent behind the topic.
Shalin TJ
Shalin TJMaker@shalinjain27 · Founder & Chief Coffee Drinker @Springzo
Hey, it’s Shalin from Springzo. We have been helping brands with content marketing, since the past few years. More often than not, companies approached us for something we were not equipped to provide as a standalone service: Content. Yep, content sans marketing. It was like, “Look guys! We don’t want any help on content marketing. Can you just provide us with content?” That was not the only thing that set things in motion for the new Springzo. I have always been wanting to write articles for our blog, at least every week - I had stories to tell, experiences / opinions I wanted to share, convey what I have been learning while running a content marketing micro-agency, and so much more. But with all the daily struggles of running an agency, writing content for it always took a backseat. I longed for something like this - where I simply share an outline with a content writer; just my thoughts in the form of bullet points or a note recorded during my commute. And she fleshes it out, creating a finished piece of content that I can publish on the Springzo blog, on my Linkedin account or maybe, even as a Twitter thread! That’s how Springzo happened… Springzo is a simple unlimited content service. You tell us what content you need (share the topic / outline / bullet points / audio recording / reference article / just anything that helps us understand WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR) and we send the finished piece to you in 5-6 days. Our promise: top-notch content written by expert writers, with the least amount of back-n-forth to get the content you are looking for, and maximum value for money. We also back our service with a 7-day money back guarantee! How did we build it? Going the clichéd way, we started with dogfooding our own service. We have dozens of minutely vetted writers in our network. We decided to send a weekly newsletter (essentially, a near-to-longform article shared over email) to all the brands we work with. I shared the outline in bullet points with our content writers and it worked really well! We also wanted to stay lean when we test out the service while launching it to the public. So, rather than setting up complex request management systems or CRMs, we went ahead with the no-code way: - Email to accept requests and all things client communication. - Trello to keep brands updated on the status quo of their content. - Google Docs for content, edits and iterations. - Tidio for onboarding new customers. That’s the long and short of our journey! I’d love your feedback on Springzo. Happy to answers any questions you have.
Shreyaa Ratra
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via EasyLeadz.com
@shalinjain27 If you are planning to do outbound sales, few strategies : a) Target startups who have recently raised money. Since they have raised money, they will be spending aggressively on content marketing to acquire more users and reaching out to them at this moment will give you better conversion. b) Target startups who are hiring for content writer. Since they are already hiring for content writer, it means it is their area of focus right now that is why hiring for this position. Again 10X better conversion.
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréHunter@nikkielizdemere · B2B SaaS Consultant
We've seen a surge in productised services trying to disrupt the traditional services / marketplace / agency business models. Springzo provides a simple productised blog writing service. You subscribe to a plan, place your content requests and a professional writer starts working on them in the required sequence. The team says the content is more suited to blog posts, long-form emails, etc. It's vouched as unlimited, assuring a minimum content of 4000-5000 words in a month.
Shalin TJ
Shalin TJMaker@shalinjain27 · Founder & Chief Coffee Drinker @Springzo
Also, if you're looking for content samples, we have them here: https://www.springzo.com/categor...