SpringRole is enabling everyone’s #VerifiedProfessionalProfile on the Blockchain. It is a decentralised attestation-based professional network built on top of Ethereum. The platform is powered by Blockstack & uses its decentralised storage system of GAIA.
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Kartik Mandaville
Founder - SpringRole
We started the company in 2014 by matching jobs with resumes using LinkedIn’s API, scaled to $50K MRR and then LinkedIn shut us down. Now you can’t even get access to their API without talking to them. They own all your data and decide what they want to do with it. Decentralization lets users control their data and decide what to do with it. Your profile on SpringRole is something you want to be able to customize, enrich with different modules, get it verified and finally own it. Exciting times ahead!
Théophile Villard
building multis
@kar2905 In a way, LinkedIn shutting you down was the best thing that happened to you 😉You know offer a true decentralized alternative to LinkedIn without sacrificing UX thanks to a clever use of signed data 🙂Very well executed, bravo 💯
Abhash Kumar
Head of Marketing at Springworks
We are very happy to introduce SpringRole to the ProductHunt community. Our mission with SpringRole is to enable everyone's #VerifiedProfessionalProfile on the Blockchain. SpringRole is the platform where people can view, share and get attestations on their professional profile, thereby creating a verified resume that they can share and use. A user’s educational qualifications and work experience are verified by the organisations themselves and written directly to the blockchain. To assess a user’s skill set, SpringRole has a system of weighted endorsements that let users objectively look at people’s profiles and assess their skill level. Do sign up here and tell us your feedback in the comments below: https://springrole.com/
Having your professional profile validated on the blockchain brings about a seamless way to authenticate and showcase your work experience, and opens the door to a new era which eliminates the need for time consuming background checks. We have worked hard to make the skill endorsements meaningful and used a weighting algorithm for optimum authenticity. Please do try the product and tell us your feedback.
Suraj RawatFullstack Blockchain Developer
SpringRole, it's not just alternative to LinkedIn it is one of its kind. Having a #VerifiedProfessionalProfile on the blockchain with super easy UI anyone one can have their SpringRole profile within a few minutes. With skill endorsement, we are going towards skill-based profile rather than who have more connections. Here is my profile https://springrole.com/nervehammer signup here: https://springrole.com to create your own ;)
Mahesh ShresthaHunt down the products I use | Engineer

Registered on this platfom probably 2-3 months ago, and it still looks the same on outer. Could have done facelift and made little more impressive. Also, I did all the verification process and yet it shows as 50% verified and the tokens hasn't been rewarded for the verifications done. The support said me these issues would be solved once they would complete moving to their blockchain, but it was more than a month ago, and haven't been solved yet. Plus for last few days, I can't seem to login to my account. Yeah tried different browsers, clear cookies and everything. No success or whatsoever!


Feels good to use decentralized professional platform


Looks like it's still primitive, regular sign-in error, and unsolved token rewards

Hi, Mahesh. Thanks for the feedback. I've forwarded your issues to the Support team. You can also contact them directly at support (at) springrole (dot) com.
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