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We just rebranded the entire app and website, new logo, new font, new look... There are now over 1,000 brands on Spring. Shop from all of them, within the app, one cart. Oh and everything has Free Shipping and Free Returns. Look forward to the feedback.
@davetisch Been a fan since day one. Congrats on the rebrand, its beautiful and feels appropriate for the scale of the business. The prior visual identity felt more neutral to me, this rebrand however, feels like you've found your customer base.I confess I haven't bought much I shop in a very specific way. I gravitate to the curated collections, that works for me because I have less options which removes the paradox of choice. Happy to chat more.
@davetisch Been a Spring user for long. Would love to know what led to this change. i loved the earlier minimal look as well.
@kingsleyharris Thanks Kingsley - hope you are well and thanks for the nice words. It's tricky balancing the small real estate on a phone, a large product/brand catalog, and still creating an easy to use interface that put the products first. The collections are helpful in doing that. Would love to chat more.
The idea and execution is really good! Just one detail - I'd suggest using retina-ready images on your homepage, this way it looks a bit fuzzy.
@celikovic thanks for the kind words and feedback. Retina images are a great idea. Hopefully we can roll those out soon!
Just wondering if I were to order 3 different products from 3 different brands, do they come in a single package or 3 different packages?
@melvincheezzy 3 packages, the brands ship directly to you.
Nice rebrand, my only skepticism is it Spring doesn't really target a segment of the market (High end or affordable).
Love the design, but beyond that, how's this different from shopping for those same brands on Amazon/Ebay/Jet?
@ghobs91 Most of the brands on Spring are not available on those platforms. Also, the specific products from the brands on Spring are very different from what you would find anywhere but the brands own channels.