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We just launched Spring - check it out - would love all your thoughts. Go shopping!
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@davetisch congrats on the launch! it's pretty. i bought shorts. i never buy clothes.
@davetisch Swipe to Pay... love it!
@nbt Thanks Nikhil!
@davetisch Love this. Have been following you guys for a while and this is what i've looking for. Being a fan of some of these brands already it's a pain going to each's website to see what's new. Congrats!
Congratz @davetisch !!! A bit of feedback If I may: I think this app targets mostly wealthy woman. So I'll talk about my own experience and what I think could be improved. First The website is very slick. Love the 'tangible' style, the goods that comes into place. The first screens are real neat too. It's really usable. I don't have to think. There's no non-sense. I know how to use it the first time. Suggestions: 1. On the first brand screen there were very few brands I actually knew or cared about. Merely Diesel and I'm not so into it. All the other ones I've almost never heard off but I might be interested in them if I see at least what they do. So that app might be for those who have a specific knowledge about those brands, but it doesn't help discovery at all. 2. In the discover tab. It could filter by 'men' since that's the first option I chose. I have most of the things irrelevants. Same for 'browse' Why not filtering only male/female products? 3. What about having something a bit like tinder where you first swipe cards that ask you about your style filters? So sportwear yes/no ? Posh wear yes/no? casual wear yes/no? How about this product Yes/No? and so refine the filters in an entertaining way to personalize the experience? SO THEN You can automatically add the brands that would match my filters. Food for thoughts... Most of those are too 'posh' for me for instance. What if I like stuff like Junker Designs ? Probably some ideas you thought about! But never hurt if it's even to confirm it. All the best of luck mate! Hope this was helpful in some ways
@matgosselin Thanks for the super helpful feedback Mathieu. We are definitely not targeting only wealthy women. We have had some great brand traction amongst fast fashion and contemporary brands. At launch over 30% of the products on Spring were under $100. Awesome to hear you just got it. That was our hope and what we saw in the user testing we have been doing. In terms of the suggestions. 1. Noted. Stay tuned. Many more brands coming in the coming months. But hopefully you find some cool brands and products on there now. 2. Because a lot of users want to see both we have found. But we will likely add this option in. 3. We will definitely iterate on the onboarding as we understand users better. And figure out a cool UX to do so. These are great and definitely in line with where we are heading. More brands, more personalization, easier discovery and a fun and engaging experience are the focuses... Thanks!
Congrats on the launch, @davetisch! Can anyone setup a Spring "shop" to promote and sell products right now? I.e., when can we start a Product Hunt feed? ;)
@rrhoover - Right now we are curating the brands... Overtime, we will see. But brands that want to join can apply here: http://www.shopspring.com/brands/
The product looks beautiful @davetisch. Congrats on shipping today! Something I've closely followed across multiple "visual discovery" apps or even content apps that want to mix a transaction in the feed is usually a poor handoff to checkout. Services like @twotapbuy or @trywildcard are providing the infrastructure for this. The best integrated universal checkout experience I've seem is from @lyst. I'm curious to get your thoughts on how the Spring team went about to solve such a problem.
@davetisch kudos on great overall design, particularly the checkout flow. I found it very easy & intuitive when I bought an item this morning.
@malaparte Thanks Andrei, appreciate it.
Thanks @daveambrose - First thing we settled on was that everything on Spring needed to be buyable. In order to make that happen, we integrated into existing ecommerce systems and worked with Stripe to build a payments solution to make checkout seamless... Hope you enjoy it!
I cant use this on my android(Eta david?), but seems awesome.
@jayzalowitz Definitely on our roadmap...!