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#4 Product of the DayDecember 03, 2013

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First time Sprig users can use the code "SprigProductHunt" to claim a free Sprig meal! In order to redeem the code: 1. Install the Sprig iOS or Android app. 2. Create an Account. 3. Click on Account & Enter Promo Code: SprigProductHunt 4. Select Your Meal & Order
Sprig now offers lunch as well for $9/each.
Just tried this app out for the first time - can't imagine it being any easier. 3 options, super quick order process, and price seems right. Let's hope the food tastes good! And looking forward to seeing tons of related links for all the other food delivery options.
Sprig is awesome. I've been using it for awhile now and met up with Gagan and Neeraj after I wrote a blog post called "Uber for Food" https://medium.com/products-i-wi...
I wanna try this. We love Munchery.