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😍 😍 Guys, your spreadsheets tool is so amazing! So much great information in it :) I will try to help you spread the word about it within Ukrainian startup community! Good luck with your launch 🙌 🙌 🙌 Feel free to ping me in Twitter for product feedback. I'm open to help on weekends 👌
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@lisadziuba That's such a nice offer. We'll reach out to you in the next days via Twitter ✌️
@bnjmnlbr @lisadziuba Lisa is pretty helpful! And so is this tool! 🙌 😍 Any chance you're building search/filter by tags soon? Would love to see other sheets like this one on PH Russia companies (https://spreadshare.co/spreadshe...). Thanks!
@kunalslab You worked together before? Yes, this is sthg. like a MVP, we tried to understand if people are looking for a platform/content like this. It seems ppl are interested so we will most likely move forward with building our beta version incl. search, user reg/account, feed a.o. features. What would be the most important feature for you?
@bnjmnlbr being able to search/click on tags to find related content would be my vote for most important. @lisadziuba and I have just interacted on Twitter because of PH and Ryan! You can see why she's helpful with this tweet: https://twitter.com/LisaDziuba/s...
@kunalslab @bnjmnlbr Product Hunt and Ryan are connecting cool people 😀 Benjo, the real answer to question "What would be the most important feature" is money from users on that important feature ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ People can give you a long list of super important features for the MVP. But only when users pay for something, it means that they really need that feature! All the rest is "nice-to-have".
Ooooo I like this a lot. I've been putting together some spreadsheets recently that I've wondered how discovery could work Just submitted my spreadsheet on the UK Funding Landscape
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@bentossell That looks like a really good sheet, exactly the ones we're searching for, full of valuable content. Thanks mate, added it!
@bnjmnlbr ooh awesome, appreciate it! Only made it for myself really
@bentossell @bnjmnlbr Ben, your list is a treasure! thank you so much for making it!
@lisadziuba @bentossell @bnjmnlbr I feel like there should be a list like this for every geography so @brevsin can create some nice VentureMaps :)
Spreadsheets are a fantastic format for collecting and distributing information so it's nice to see a place where people can crowdsource and "open source" their work, similar to GitHub or Wikipedia.
@rrhoover Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Github/Wikipedia/PH are truly inspiring products for us. Our long-term plan: we're hosting the sheets ourselves to be able to build powerful collaboration features. Sticking to the Git metaphor, we plan to let users open 'pull requests', 'commit changes' within a review process, 'fork' sheets, create 'branches' and bundle 'collaborators'. Pretty random request but if you hear about any engineers being fascinated by this vision, we're happy to talk ✌️

I'd love to have a better search and ability to search through sheets content


Brilliant idea; finally a place to discover and share spreadsheets; nice filtering, cool UI


No major updates on the site since a few months; integration of AirTable doesn't work; poor search

A platform for community-curated spreadsheets for startups and professionals.
@kwdinc Thanks for hunting us Kevin ✌️ Glad you like our product!