Build your CV easily with spreadsheet

SpreadCV helps you build your own personalized CV page with Spreadsheet. Manage easily your page, explore different themes. By the way, it is free!
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I will renew and update my CV, which I postpone for years, nice idea, nice project. 🤘🏻
@rizasabuncu Thanks for your support Riza!
:) nice idea.
@giraybatiturk Thanks for your support so much!
Nice, I love the idea! - Writing CV's can be such a laborious job, this will help so many people
@raluca_pauna Thanks! We hope that too, specially students are very important for us. We want to help them with our project.
Great way to create your resume and keep it updated. Nice work!
@canberkunsal Thank you Canberk!
Cool idea.
@salil_sethi We are happy to hear about that, thanks!