Sprayable Sleep

Spray on, fall asleep, & wake up refreshed

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I see what you did there, @intenex. First you come out with a product that makes you stay awake (Sprayable Energy), then something that makes you sleep (complimentary products). How does it work?
@intenex @rrhoover speakable energy definitely works. #kickstarterbacker
@rrhoover it has melatonin in it to help with sleep. Got to try it out as a beta tester and it's great!
Looks cool but not digging the email spam =/
@jongold Came here wondering if more people had the same thing—I think personalized emails would have made it better, but I wasn't too upset about it. Personalized and targeted = more success in the future.
@jongold @willimholte @jongold According to them, my name is "NathanMaggard". Whoops!
@jongold @willimholte Yes, this. Wouldn't have been hard for example to look for 30 seconds at my site and figure out I love science so one sentence in the email saying "I know you love science and here's a fun fact about the science behind what we do vs. pills." Not angry. Just disappointed.
Hey guys! Just wanted to say hello to let you know we'll be here to answer any questions :). Yep, Basil's right - it helps you sleep by gently regulating your melatonin levels. Melatonin's produced naturally by the body in response to darkness to regulate the circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle). Unfortunately, with all the artificial lighting and electronics present in our world, our bodies get extremely confused with melatonin production since it never gets dark. So Sprayable Sleep just helps you get things back to normal, by gradually releasing melatonin over the course of the night, just like your body would. The key is in the gradual delivery, which makes Sprayable Sleep a lot more effective and much more like the body's natural production of melatonin than melatonin pills. Hope that helps explain it!
@intenex as everyone said, - spam is not fun.
GTFO with the email spam