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SpotyTube helps you discover new music videos that's trending, viral & topping charts across the Globe!

What makes SpotyTube different from anyone else out there is the most accurate music content it provides. We curate your playlist based on Spotify, Billboard & YouTube. So it's guaranteed your playlist and charts are always up to date!

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Peyton Hayslette
Peyton Hayslette@peytonhayslette · Product, Deserve
I remember when the Zune desktop app let you play music video playlists all within one experience. Wishing it was still around now 😿
SpotyTubeHunter@spotytube · SpotyTube
@peytonhayslette thank you, we'd love to create a similar experience on @SpotyTube as well, more platforms will be available soon, we're just getting started, stay tuned!
Saif Al Falah
Saif Al Falah@saifalfalah · JavaScript Developer
So you're taking data from Spotify's playlists and mapping the songs with their YouTube videos? Pretty cool!
SpotyTubeHunter@spotytube · SpotyTube
@saifalfalah thank you! Best of both worlds(Spotify & YouTube) under a single platform for any music lover? Lots of new features in the works, stay tuned!
Daniel Butler
Daniel Butler@dnlbtlr · CEO & Founder at Socius
@saifalfalah android only ?
SpotyTubeHunter@spotytube · SpotyTube
@dnlbtlr @saifalfalah We're working hard on iOS too, coming soon.... please stay tuned!
Nosherwan Arbab
Nosherwan Arbab@thenosh · PhD Scholar, Tech Contributor,
i have done many app introductions and seems this can also be part of my upcoming "Apps Discovery Time" on YT.
Lohrii Alo
Lohrii AloMaker@lohriialo
@thenosh thank you, that'd be awesome and we can't wait to watch it