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Hey Hunters, it's a pleasure to be hunted 😁 We are allowing you to search any video on the internet (reverse video search) with a simple upload. This could be particularly interested for content producers (e.g. YouTubers) or any marketeer. Pelase AMA. Thanks! - Joao
@joaodmj does it work on Facebook videos?
@stevenjacobs_ it does! Right now on our Beta / free trial release we are analyzing YouTube and Facebook but we can also do it for a bunch of other platforms. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts.
Great to see some cool technology coming out of a London-based startup :-)
Thanks @jmedwards! We have an office in London but are originally from Lisbon, check it here ->
Just checked it out! Looks cool 😎 Easy to use and stats seem useful.
@wilsonthedev Thanks man! Let us know if you liked the results.
This could be big if it works well, could finally search for stolen videos. The UI looks great too!
@kuzeljan were you able to try it?
@joaodmj I linked minute long youtube video 45min ago to test it ... so far it's still stuck on 1% complete. I guess ProductHunt is hugging them to death :).
Thanks @kuzeljan! Yes, that and the fact we were number one in HN's front page... It's good though :) Hang on tight, we hope to give you a report soon. Thanks for your patience!
@joaodmj Sadly, I must state that it failed horribly ... I put in this video ... there exists a video with same title, also on a channel which the same name as the title and because of this, if you search for "SatisMeter" on youtube .. it is actually the 1st result in search - ... but you didn't find it. If 1) same title name 2) title same as channel name 3) first result in youtube search .. aren't a good clues to check it for duplicate, then I don't know what is :(. Text Google / Youtube search works better.
Hey @kuzeljan, we use your keywords to search the web and then compare the results with the video uploaded. We'll tweak the keywords on our end and you'll get a new report (probably within hours because of the high number of requests we are getting). Thanks for testing the tool. Hopefully we can impress you with the new report :)
As a YouTube Product Expert this interests me greatly. I'll be sharing this with my fellow Google product enthusiasts in the Top Contributor program.
Thanks @theashtube! Let us know your feedback on the tool :)