Spotted Places

Discover new experiences from friends.

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I 💜 sharing my travel experiences and discovering others!
How does this differentiate from something like Foursquare or Google Places?
@chrismessina Google tries but lacks a lot of the social elements that we offer and Foursquare does not default to the visual nature of being able to see ALL of the spots your network recommends in order to make great decisions.
Hello Bryant, Nice app. What a business model your app?
@ithanks we currently have white label bookings and affiliates but we have a larger monetization strategy for the future.
I actually like this a lot. I've got private google maps to mark interesting spots, I follow a bunch of blogs that create mass curation for special interests such as sailing or camping, but this really looks like it has the potential to pull all of these elements together.
@andreasduess what are some of the travel blogs & special interest sites you follow? I'm working on something similar and always looking great new travel sites!
@andreasduess Thanks! We hope that we can get the right combination and make it flexible enough to really inspire people to find new experiences!
@alexisshimanoff @andreasduess Feel free to put all of the spots in our app and let us know what you think!
Great app! That's I really need ;)
@maria_stone thanks! Please let us know what you think.