Spotted by Locals 2.0 is an app full of city guides curated by handpicked locals in 70+ cities who write about their favorite spots. Version 2.0 is a completely rebuilt app for iOS & Android.

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Thanks so much @gillianim! ✨ PH very special offer on 20 June: test any (1) city guide for free! Log in (main menu) with user "producthunt" and password "localsdoitbetter". 📖 OUR STORY I'm pretty sure I'm the luckiest guy in the world. In 2008 @sannevanpoll (my wife & co-founder) and I invested our life savings to travel around Europe to find people who wanted to join the Spotted by Locals adventure. Since then we have traveled 6 months a year to meet the nicest people in the world - our local writer ("Spotters") - in person in their city. We're still bootstrapping, often struggling financially, but we can keep expanding to new cities. That's all that matters now. Our vision is long-term - very long-term... (for more about our personal story: 🌍 OUR VISION We believe many of the problems the world currently faces are rooted in cultural misunderstandings. We are not Mother Theresa, but we are driven by helping to make the world a better place by expanding the worldview of as many travelers as possible by allowing them to see ever more cities from a local’s perspective. We help cities cope with "overtourism", by spreading tourists (and locals!) around areas and spots fewer tourists visit. We help awesome, but less known European capitals (like Skopje, Podgorica, Prishtina & Yerevan) attract more visitors and much-needed tourist dollars. We recommend locally owned & operated spots and help them survive, which is increasingly hard in this rapidly "starbucksifying" world. 👉 CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT Travel guidebooks were behind the times (even in 2008!) and they drove us crazy. On city breaks, the outdated paperbacks brought us to touristy highlights, last year’s nightlife venues and defunct spots that no longer existed. Not much has changed, surprisingly, even after (or maybe because of) the huge rise of user-generated travel content websites & apps. Many travelers still find it difficult to find out where locals really hang out, and to find out which sources are reliable for guaranteed up-to-date tips. We handpick our writers (430 today) and meet all of them to make sure that we know they live in the city they write about, speak the local language, write only about their favorite spots and keep their tips up-to-date and up-to-season. Our editor checks all articles before they go online, and our Spotters check their articles regularly. 🚀 SPOTTED BY LOCALS APP VERSION 2.0 Yes, as I think I must have mentioned somewhere we're all about content. But as you're on Product Hunt, you must be curious about the technical side of things... 9 months ago we started one of our biggest projects ever: a complete overhaul of our apps. The app has been newly designed & re-built from the ground up. We think it looks better. It’s easier to navigate. It works a lot faster. And so far we haven't succeeded in making the 2.0 version crash - we dare you to try :) Features include 👉 100% offline - tips as well as maps 👉 Add your own spots (like your hotel) to the map 👉 See which recommendations were newly added recently 👉 Search all articles for keywords (for example “brunch”) 💰 REVENUE Our city guides cost US$3.99 to download. And we have a couple of ads on the website. That's how we generate enough revenue to keep expanding to new cities. 🔒 PRIVACY We do not store or have access to any personally identifiable information of users. Our dream is to remove all ads on our website and remove all tracking. 💚 THANK YOU For the last 10 years we've put our life into this product. We are so grateful to our 430 Spotters for believing in our project, sharing their favorite spots in their city and for being part of our awesome community. 😒️🙄️😀 QUESTIONS / FEEDBACK Please let us know what you think! We focus on great content. There are so many talented people on Product Hunt who know much more about design, user interface and technical performance than we do - we'd love to learn and improve! 🛎️ Disclaimer: Spotted by Locals has curated a "list" in the awesome Hitlist app. Hitlist was founded by @gillianim, who has been so kind to hunt us! 📌 I loved your story about Nomad List (and the amazing product!) @levelsio and hope it's ok I copied your setup!
@gillianim @sannevanpoll @levelsio @bartvanpoll Such a clever idea - especially focusing on the lesser known spots, its so hard to find them when you're a tourist but they are often the best. Have you considered creating other types of content, like partnering with a media company (e.g. Vice) to do video stuff?
Thank you very much for your kind words @abadesi - you got it :) That's a brilliant idea! 🙏We're good at creating words & pics and keeping them up to date, but video is a totally different world. I guess we wouldn't want to partner with just any big media company - they'd have to be a good match for our slightly subversive and alternative style. Vice would be a really great partner! I'm putting this on my "great ideas" list. Thank you so much! ✌️

On recent trips to Athens, Copenhagen and Krakow I downloaded the city guides. Found some great places through the app quickly. Their network of spotters is really impressive.


Authentic, unique and up-to-date tips for most large cities


Does not cover the whole world yet

Thanks a lot for your kind review Rutger! The rest of the world... we're on it 😃

It has changed the way I travel and enjoy new urban destinations.


Genuine tips by real locals, great offline functionality


Limited to larger cities

Thank you so much for your kind review! We'd love to expand to any great (not just large) city in the world. It takes a bit of time though - as we meet all our bloggers in person... Which cities would you like to see in our "portfolio" in the future?
One of the coolest apps out there :) A traveler's must have local guide!
Spotted By Locals it’s an amazing app. By using this you could find really hidden jems and amazing places while travelling! Why spending money on something touristy and without real value? Better to focus on the real stuff! That is the way of travel nowadays!