Simple API to search geographical places.

Spott is a geographical API that let developers:
🌎 Search places across 240,000+ records from all the world.
βš™οΈ Filter them by country, type and coordinates.
πŸ—Ί More than 20 supported languages.
πŸ’» Get the place where an IP address is located.
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1 Review5.0/5
Niice! It's very useful API. I can't wait when I try it) Congratulations!
Congrats with launch Manuel! Would love to use your API for Challenges. If I found interesting idea what people can build using it - I'll definitely make next challenge with Spott. Learners will practice to build something and you will get first users;)
That would be awesome @alexwawl, let me know if I can help :D
I'm glad to see you in a new interesting project. Good luck!
Hi Makers, I made this API becase I could find't any service that locate an IP address and also had a searchable database. This helped me building a register form that suggests user's location by IP and let the user change it. It also powered all location data in a marketplace I built. So, please let me know what you think.
Great product, will save it to use it later. Congrats!