Track photos being taken at places you love

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Love this! I developed a "live" view of South African places a couple years ago which presented Instagram and Foursquare photos taken at popular South African places. I've also since used IFTTT to drop photos from Hawaii, Phi Phi etc in a Dropbox folder for me every morning. Spots is a near perfect implementation of the idea. Congrats.
@shauntrennery Thanks so much Shaun. They're some really powerful words and we really appreciate them!
I'm Brian, one of the creators behind Spots. I'd love to hear feedback from the community on what you guys think of it.
I like the idea, not too keen on the design though.
@chrissteggles — Thanks for the honest feedback. At the moment it's all bootstrap. We're going to iterate on it over the coming month to help get it to a better place.