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Shaun Trennery@shauntrennery · Founder X&Go
Love this! I developed a "live" view of South African places a couple years ago which presented Instagram and Foursquare photos taken at popular South African places. I've also since used IFTTT to drop photos from Hawaii, Phi Phi etc in a Dropbox folder for me every morning. Spots is a near perfect implementation of the idea. Congrats.
Brian KennyMaker@bkenny · Founder, MiniCorp
@shauntrennery Thanks so much Shaun. They're some really powerful words and we really appreciate them!
Brian KennyMaker@bkenny · Founder, MiniCorp
I'm Brian, one of the creators behind Spots. I'd love to hear feedback from the community on what you guys think of it.
Chris Steggles@chrissteggles · A Snowboarder.
I like the idea, not too keen on the design though.
Brian KennyMaker@bkenny · Founder, MiniCorp
@chrissteggles — Thanks for the honest feedback. At the moment it's all bootstrap. We're going to iterate on it over the coming month to help get it to a better place.