Spotlight Tools

Quick access to common system tasks from Spotlight

not as complete, but i released some of these commands a few weeks ago as open source and free here: it only supports restart, sleep, logout, and shutdown. feel free to let me know what other commands that you want. to see how it actually works, check out this gif:
@siong1987 Thanks for this, one suggestion, White icons would look good in black spotlight! 😛
@mantia and I made this over the weekend. We used to use Alfred but switched to Spotlight when Yosemite came out. We missed quick access to these from just the keyboard, so we whipped this up!
@soffes @mantia at least you gave a nod to Alfred. Why did you switch from Alfred?
@chrismessina Yosemite's Spotlight has everything I need minus these actions. Using the system stuff feels good :)
@soffes that's cool. I guess I still have a soft spot for supporting indie devs!
@soffes @mantia This is great. I made Flashlight (, a plugin system for Spotlight, and at first, I wondered if this worked the same (incredibly hacky) way. Instead, it's just a handful of apps that accomplish specific things. Very clever!
@nateparrott Pretty awesome! I like Flashlight. Might give it a spin later.
You're a damn genius @soffes. Good work.
@whale Thanks Matthew!
Hmmmm... Spotlight is looking better and better with all these extensions coming out.