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Plays music videos based on current playing song on Spotify

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Would love to see this built into Spotify natively. cc @suzywillow
looks good. but only working when I use the spotify web player. not if I'm playing a song from the desktop app. nice idea
@_jacksmith It checks the current playing song through the API. Should not make any difference.
@stepri ok. that wasn't my experience unfortunately
Hi hunters, I've created this tool because I'm too lazy for searching musicvideos when listening to music on Spotify. It checks your currently playing song and then it searches on YouTube for the musicvideo. It's that simple. If you have any feedback, let me know! Because it not always find the correct song, you can easily switch the musicvideo with the dropdown menu. Happy listening and watching!
Not really showing the same song? Buggy?
@rahulr047 Hi Rahul! Thanks for your reply! It checks your currently playing song on Spotify, so when you listen to the next song it will automatically play the video of that song!