Spotify Taste Rewind

What your music taste would have been like in past decades

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I don't get it – I pushed the button "More" few times to get artists that I *should* love but the site still offers me some mainstream **** like Justin Bieber, Flo Rida or Pitbull... So I endend here.
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@uxboy it's an early product. I think that they don't have too many artists live yet. Actually it seems this is a leaked product; one of their engineers posted it on his facebook page.
@_jacksmith @uxboy That would make a lot of sense. It's beautifully designed but brings 0 value as it is: I'm pretty sure "Jenny from the Block" isn't my go-to song of 2000, because I was alive back then and clearly remember it not being my cup of tea even then :p Still, eager to check back to it once it's completely operational, once again, the design is truly beautiful imo (one of Spotify's fortes and possibly sole reason I'm still a premium subscriber)
Looks great - little value.
Initial selection is way too narrow and has nothing to do with my taste in music and the resulting playlists feel completely random. Actually, it makes me more interested in what Apple will be doing with human curated playlists/Beats1.
Didn't show any artists I like 😖 and my music taste is pretty broad too!
If spotify puts this as the main UI. Choosing a few artists you love and suggesting music is something that's going to keep them in the game for sometime now.