Spotify Star Wars

Use the force to determine your Star Wars match

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Why is this on the frontpage? It's basically just a glorified advert.
@ausonio While I do love Star Wars, I have to agree. This doesn't really introduce a new product...
I LOVE all of Spotify's different extensions, and this one is no exception! Apparently, I channel my inner princess (Princess Leia, that is) through my music tastes as well! πŸ’πŸ‘‘
Spotify is joining the Star Wars fun (after Google and Facebook) with their new site to find your Star Wars Match. Apparently, my match is Luke Skywalker.
Okay, Disney needs to chill with their marketing for like 10 minutes
The weakest of tie-ins. Even the percentage results remain the same no matter who's account you analyse. Expected a little better from Spotify.