Spotify Running

A mix of music you love - in time with your run

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I tried this for a run, and it was actually quite interesting. I selected "The Chase" from the playlist options, and it really felt like a soundtrack to some chase scene from a movie. And according to runkeeper, I also kept my pace pretty consistent — which usually does not last too long. It would be nice if it integrated with something, so that when you actually do slow down your pace, it might adapt a little. But it's already promising to me.
This just went live a few hours ago. Update your Spotify iPhone app to the latest version to get access to this. It works even if you don't have Spotify Premium.
They had released this a few weeks ago as an "experimental" feature. It may be just me, but the BPM would never update after starting a run. Not sure if that's a feature or a bug, but I wish it'd update with my cadence.
The whole thing looks really beautiful - wow