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Spotify is paying attention to artists and that s a good thing! lots of resources and tips there
@ourielohayon Nice - seems like they are opening the doors to grab soundcloud marketshare
@hackapreneur or they're creating a nicer dashboard for Drake and Justin Bieber
This appears to be a positive step, but spotify has a lot of work to do here. They've burned a ton of bridges with artists because of how they rotate music, and that's to say nothing of their royalty structure. This seems to be the right direction, but this proves that the market is wide open for competitors who can consistently produce relevant information for artists.
Just curious, did something like this exist before or is this a whole new product?
@hickmanzackary This exact product has existed for the last year (https://www.producthunt.com/post...). The only thing new here that I can see is the marketing pages.
did Spotify actually bought Soundcloud?