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Elan Mosbacher
@mosbacher · Head of Marketing, SpotHero
One other overlooked factor: At the moment, SpotHero is on web + iOS + Android and all reservations are mobile friendly so you never need a piece of paper. I'm under the impression with ParkNow you need a print out (could be wrong) and the valet apps A. don't offer web B. in some cases, don't yet offer Android. In the long run everyone will be available a… See more
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Rodrigo Prior
@rodrigoprior · CEO @ Welearn
It may sound too enthusiastic but I seriously think this model (for all sort of markets) as key behavioral change that will determine a new global economy. Sharing spaces and resources will be critical elements on dealing with a planet that is getting small for all this people.
Donald Hruska
@donaldhruska · Engineering, DRIVIN
I've used this numerous times in Chicago, and it's worked great every time!
Elan Mosbacher
@mosbacher · Head of Marketing, SpotHero
Thanks for all of the support today! If you haven't tried SpotHero yet, feel free to download the mobile app and use promo code HUNT25 for $25 in free parking.
Stella Garber
@startupstella · VP of Marketing, Trello
SpotHero makes parking a breeze. I don't use it often because I don't drive much, but when I do have to deal with parking in the city, it takes away the headache!