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spotfindr is an app where you can find awesome drone, fpv or instagram spots near you. Simply browse through the existing ones or add your own.
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There currently are not that many spots listed because the app launched last weekend. But maybe you know an awesome spot somewhere that you can add ;). Be aware that your submitted spot won't be visible instantly. The spot will be reviewed and then published (Quality > Quantity). My goal with this app is to grow the FPV community all around the globe, because people will be more likely to go out flying or fly a drone if they can fly at a great spot. spotfindr should help with finding one.
Cool idea. I am doing something very similar, but for travel photography. You have a much more focused target audience though, so should be interesting.
@mahul_bhattacharya hi! thanks for your feedback! what's the name of your app/website?
@mikeexe It's Travelgraph. is the PH page. I look forward to your feedback.
@mahul_bhattacharya I really like your idea and also the colors indicating how many places are there are great. Generally, the website looks great!
@mikeexe Thanks. I will continue to watch your growth. :)
Had the same idea as a web app, but fpv people toll me they wouldn’t use it. Reason is, they do not want acrowded place. Other problem is that people throw there trash at this places