Slack bot for cross-browser testing & fixes

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We're happy users of this product! Definitely wondering how they will make sure it works with organizations that are bigger and have lots of folks changing stuff all the time (who should see which pages etc.) But generally, I think it's an interesting approach. It's definitely helped us catch a couple of missteps already.
@ngardideh Thanks Nima! We have some ideas on how to make this scale up with different organizations. Probably the way to do this in tech companies is to integrate with different CI tools, which we'll be doing soon. We also have a lot of improvements coming in how we display differences and which differences we actually alert on.
I love it! Are you guys thinking of supporting different iOS screen sizes? Big pain for me is trying to test on all different screen sizes for quirks. Even bigger issue with Android ...
@shwinda Thanks Ashwin! We're definitely going to support many different browser and device types, and provide some way of you telling us which ones you actually care about.
We use it at Eden and it's super-helpful!
Hi Product Hunt! I'm one of the co-founders of Spotbot, and I'm really interested in hearing what y'all think of what we've built. I'll be around all day!
Hmmm I like the idea more if it doesn't rely on just me tagging a page.... more so if it can be crowd sourced... ie this page was already tagged by another user so here is the data instantly...