Tests your site & notifies you when things break (in Slack)

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Co-founder here! Spotbot is our attempt to finally make UI testing easier than building the UI in the first place. In fact, we believe that it should be so easy that anybody can do it. Whether it's the engineer that wrote the feature or the designer that designed it, it should be trivial to teach a computer how to use the feature and have the computer make sure it keeps working. That's what Spotbot does. Not only does Spotbot make sure your site keeps working, but it makes sure it looks great too. It has a lot more time on its hands than you do, so it checks out your site on iOS, Android, and all the desktop browsers too. It does this as often as you want, and just posts in your Slack channel or sends you an email if something doesn't look right anymore. From that notification you can tell Spotbot that everything's fine if you made a change, and Spotbot will know the new normal. We're really excited to get this into people's hands soon! If you're interested in helping us work out the bugs and make sure the experience is flawless, drop by our page and put in your email. I'll be around all day to answer any questions people might have.
Really, really talented team! I worked with them before. I look forward to watching this take off!
@bradvogel Thanks! Looking forward to trying Spotbot out on Mixmax ;)
For agile engineering teams that understand the pain of feature testing with something like Selenium, this looks amazing
Super-excited to try this out! First UI tests that I actually want to write.