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The community based parking maps now available on Web

SpotAngels is the world's largest community based parking app, featured by both Apple and Google as “Waze for parking”.

SpotAngels is now available on Web so that you can search for parking, compare prices, find street cleaning & alternate side parking hours directly from your desktop.

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8 Reviews5.0/5
Hello 👋🏽 I'm Youcef, head of Product at SpotAngels. We're very excited to bring the SpotAngels experience to Web and share it with the Product Hunt Community. With, you'll be able to find parking both on-street and off-street, check parking regulations and compare prices directly on Web. The parking information available on the map is maintained and updated by drivers in the SpotAngels community. Let us know if you have any feedback on the website! Thanks!

The app was already amazing but now with the web version, I can easily let guests know where to park when they come visit.


Removes the stress that comes from looking for a spot or from a potential parking ticket


Doesn't exist in all cities yet but can't wait

Thank you so much Jeremy for your comment. SpotAngels is currently available in 25 cities in the US and Europe. Our team is primarily focused in New York and San Francisco but we have plans to launch more tools to make it easier for anybody in the SpotAngels community to cover their city and neighborhood. 🙏🏽
There is a cool hidden feature those of you who don't drive will love. When you search for an address, there is a link to share the map around this address. How many times did you have friends visit you or business meetings near the office and you had to waste time looking for parking tips? Well, now it takes 5 seconds to do!
Finally, something that shows not only $20/hour parking garages but also a free street parking next to it. Will give it a try on my next trip to SF. If only there was a way to integrate something like this with Google Maps..
World's largest and it's only available in a few cities? Pretty sure Parkopedia is bigger