SpotAngels for Android

Never get a parking ticket again , now also on Android

Thank you @_jacksmith for the hunt! Hello fellow hunter! We are excited to launch the Android version of SpotAngels. Our iOS users save an average of $106 a year in parking tickets 🤑 We started building Spot Angels the day we got our car towed and had to pay $569 to get it back :) The idea behind SpotAngels is simple. The app sends you reminders before street cleaning, tow away or any other parking restriction without requiring any action from you. The app knows all the restrictions in 25 cities including SF, NYC, LA, Chicago, Boston, Seattle and London. The data is more than 95% accurate and constantly updated by the community. If you have a Bluetooth speaker in your car, you can connect it to the app and it will automatically save your parking location and set up a reminder for you. When you turn off your car, the Bluetooth disconnects from the app and your parking location is saved. If you don't have a Bluetooth speaker, you just need to open the app and save your parking location each time you want to set-up a parking reminder. I hope you will enjoy it. Please let me know if you have any questions!
Love this. Wish I had it a few weeks ago in LA, would've saved me a few tickets. ;) Great platform, congrats!
@tikhbana Thank you Tikh!
Really awesome app! It takes all the pain out of parking by telling you where to park, when to park and for how long to park. It pays to play around with it. I discovered that my parallel street has significantly fewer parking restrictions.
Thank you @christiankletzl for the kind words!
Congrats ! When is the Paris launch ? Parking tickets are a big problem over here !
Thanks @michaelohana. Paris and Berlin are definitely the next city in Europe. I will make sure you try it out first when we add data there!
Finaaaally, I've been waiting for so long to be available on Android 😄 Awesome app! Really looking forward to save some serious bucks 💸 Congrats @hamzaouazzanic!
Thanks @okgabr for your patience. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback!