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Well, at first I thought, oh, another "event finder" app, but when I entered, my thoughts on it completely changed. I was overwhelmed by the warmth of the colors and the innovative UI, you really have thought of almost everything. RSVP's, genres and everything else. But now to the part I must tell you this: To me personally, the typography is kind of off, you could adjust the lining a bit so the titles are more clear, and even move the genres and rsvps all the way to the right, was a bit weird to find the " read more" but It's okay. All in all, an awesome app for what seems to be a great purpose. Is there going to be a facebook integration to see if some of your friends are going to an event near you? Or a way for users in smaller cities to add events. Let's say I missed a few gigs of my highschool best friends band, and I feel bad.
@edinvejzovic Hey Edin, really appreciate your thoughts! Good points on typography... ha, ha, no. Making some similar tweaks that will be out next week, and will include some font tweaks. There will also be some more social integration going forward, but probably won't have a 1-to-1 connection with Facebook. Want to take that one step at a time. Thanks again!
@edinvejzovic Also, regarding events in smaller cities, there's a tool available for anyone to sync up a Facebook event now: (or look for "Promo Tool" in the main menu of the app) ... This works for any music event anywhere in the world (that has a Facebook page), and you don't even need to be the event organizer to use the Promo Tool.
@edinvejzovic Hey Edin, just released a design update that addresses some of the font issues. Keen for any feedback.
@rrhoover you will love this! Really like the interface :) Nice job @savethedave Tell us the story here?
@bentossell niiiice, I'm a BIG fan of Bandsintown for discovering nearby shows of artists I love. Curious how this compares.
@rrhoover @bentossell Thanks Ben and Ryan! Wanted to build @spotcaller to solve my own problem: need simple way to find non-mainstream live music, esp. when I don't already know artists or looking for something fresh. So unlike other apps, there's a big focus genres, neighborhoods, maps, fast interface, etc. As techies, you'll also appreciate the process: instead of requiring artists to signup, maintain a profile, and submit yet another form, @spotcaller aggregates existing events on social media, i.e. fans have much better options. Not perfect yet - still so much to do. Totally open to your feedback!
@savethedave @bentossell @rrhoover Very interesting take on the music-event space. I think there's a lot of opportunity here (maybe even for a variety of apps/services) beyond Bandsintown, which I find somewhat lacking sometimes. As the music universe continues to expand, I think there's ample room for both consumer-facing services like this one, and others which might have a different focus.
@adammarx13 @bentossell Thanks for the thoughts Adam. Agreed - live music space is broad, and I would argue too broad to have one app that is all things to all people. Definitely keeping this thought in mind for future development so the ingredients of Spot Caller can be remixed into other more focused apps.
I've been using this app for a while...i freaking LOOOVE it! Since I've quit facebook I've had no idea what the heck is going down in my city. With the app I can search by genre and check out how many people are RSVPing as going even without logging into Facebook.
The UI, @savethedave, is really n-e-a-t. A really *interactive* experience. UX wise though, I would like to drop in a few suggestions: * On the sidebar, I would add more contrast between the background and the event cards. It was not clear, after scrolling, when one event started and one ended * Information architecture on these kind of services is quite challenging - but you may try to understand what is your users main focus (could be: focus on "time" - e.g. find events tomorrow, focus on "location" e.g. find events in "Berlin", focus on "genre" / "artist" etc....) and re-design the information structure so to highlight & better sort the results * I feel there is a huge missing opportunity in 1 simple button to get email alert (at least, I looked around for a while and I couldn't find it). You can hook up users here and you know exactly what they are interested in. It's not that much then to build a connection to some event ticketing service and build up a nice discount + affiliate revenue model So far, well done and looking forward to see how this progresses.
@enricofoschi Enrico - excellent thoughts! Not only in content, but in the ascending order of logic. The design stuff will be coming soon, and the alerts/revenue thing a bit later. There's actually still some really basic things to work out in collecting all relevant data. For example, there's still many "dark events" floating around social media that aren't available on any searchable platform, and probably aren't even being seen by the followers of the social media account. So getting a super strong base on content is key, but will be beefed up in the near future, and allow for other efforts. Thanks again!
@enricofoschi Hey Enrico, just launched a design update that makes distinguishing between events a bit more clear when scrolling. Would appreciate your thoughts. There are some other changes coming that take into account your other points.
@savethedave much, much better. What about having a #f0f0f0 background on the sidebar and #fff on the event cards though? Otherwise the border itself may not be that much for a distinction. e.g.
@enricofoschi thanks for the detailed thoughts Enrico! Have thought about that... would be okay for some grey around events, but really like the pure white for the top portion of page around the genre filters and the page header... and want to stick with a single color for both. So still mulling the options. Also just launched some more improvements today... an improved main menu interface and a dedicated page to see pinned events. Hope you like those. Cheers.
Wanted to let peeps know that a design update was just launched to improve the visual clarity of events, and also to make the event flyers much more immersive. Additionally, a "smart grouping" feature was added to help browse events by neighborhood in large cities like NYC: 45-second demo vid: