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I like the design but I don't understand how this is different than Yelp.... yet?
@scomopolitan Hey Jules, Luke from Spot here. People use Spot to find the best places according to experts and the friends they trust, rather than relying on ratings and reviews from strangers. We always design to empower existing, real-world behaviors: people read expert reviews, ask friends for recommendations, and make lists of the places they love or want to try. Hope that helps :)
@lately i tried your app and now understand the difference. Good luck on your journey
is that the new foursquare? the team of EXPA will find out soon.
@ourielohayon The same day than Spot, Uber's new feature... ouch :-/
Foursquare never took off with me... I'm not sure if this may be a UK thing but I've just never felt the need to use something like this although I see the value in it. Maybe it is the factor that it is another app to use. There was an app that used Twitter to recommend bars and restaurants in London but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. Plus I didn't use that either! It does seem useful but I'm yet to jump on the bandwagon.
@bentossell I agree, I've only really found apps like Foursquare and Yelp to provide value if I am traveling or if I were living within a large city with a ton of places to explore (makes sense since Foursquare started in NYC). What these location discovery apps might need to get into is making suggestions for cities to travel to where they also have a lot of data on great spots to visit while traveling there. That would take them out of the passive use cases and into more of an active use case in my opinion.
@bentossell I hear ya Ben. Question: how _do_ you find places to eat/drink/shop/explore? How do you plan local outings? Travel?
@immatthamlin Thanks Matt. How do you decide where to go locally? How do you find out about new places to try?
@lately movies, tv programmes and friends haha something like this is definitely something I should use but I'm just not there yet haha