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#4 Product of the DayDecember 18, 2018

Spot is a forward-thinking cryptocurrency companion which gives you an aggregated view of all your wallets & exchanges.

- Automatically import holdings & trades from exchanges and wallet public addresses

- Track 2300+ cryptocurrencies on 110+ exchange platforms

- Optimize your holdings to make the most of your cryptos

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Hello there! 🐣 I'm the CEO and co-founder of Spot. Today I'm thrilled to share with you the product that we've quietly been building for the past few months... ⚡️Spot ⚡️is an iOS & Android app that gives you an aggregated view of all your wallets & exchanges. You can automatically import all your trades & transactions as well as monitor the prices of the entire cryptocurrency market. My co-founders and I are all passionate about blockchain & cryptocurrencies and there is one thing we all lacked: a powerful yet easy to use interface to manage our cryptos. So we teamed up with the idea to build the transparent, safe and user-friendly product we've always dreamt of as long time crypto believers. Today our apps are entirely native on iOS & Android and we have built our own market data API by connecting directly to more than 150 exchanges. We have recently raised a seed round from amazing founders of companies like Ledger, eFounders, Trainline or Kima/Xavier Niel. In the coming months, we will introduce some major features like trading and transactions 🚀🌖 We have received many amazing and useful feedbacks from our beta testers so far and now we can't wait to move onto the next stage and get even more feedbacks from you guys! Let me know if you have any questions 🙏
@nedsteeg Hello ! Your app looks really good, congrats! But actually, I can't figure out how to sync with exchanges (On Android). Is this feature's coming later ?
Hello @yomansk8 and thanks a lot! Google Play Store has some issues with apps updates right now but exchanges sync on Android will hopefully be deployed everywhere in the next few hours! Sorry about that 😕
@yomansk8 Thanks! Talking to the Play Store team right now to get this fixed 🤞
@nedsteeg @tommdn Thanks guys, what an efficiency ! 🙌
Hey everyone 👋 Today I'm excited to share with you a product I truly love 👉 Spot. It's the best crypto portfolio manager I've tried so far. I've been using it since I met the team back then in Paris and I'm impressed by the fact that they’ve been able to combine a super slick UI & UX with really powerful features like market sorting and filtering. I know they have a really ambitious roadmap ahead and can't wait to see what their next move is! Check it out 🙌
@cyrilpaglino Thanks a lot for the hunt and the kind words! I'm super glad that you love our product 😍
@nedsteeg as youalready know, loved what you guys hare building. Been using Blockfolio and Delta before, totally switched to Spot. Can't wait to see the next steps

I’ve been using Spot for quite some time, it’s an amazingly smooth app


Amazing UX, super smooth setup



Cryptos are in a bad shape, but this app is perfectly done :D


Beautiful, simple, rich



Was going to comment and say that we don’t need another tracker but after reading Edouards post I’m sold. Delta pro user and the fact that this is native vs react makes all the difference. Desktop coming soon?
@_nathanieldavis Thanks Nate 🙏 Desktop is definitely something we have on our roadmap!
@_nathanieldavis Cheers! If you have specific suggestions on how we could improve the app, don't hesitate to reach us out on Telegram or via email:,