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Next-gen sports app for iOS

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Love the redesign, especially the polished animations.
The new redesign looks awesome! This app puts all other sports apps to shame.
Is this competing with Chat Sports? I'm probably an above average sports fan, but have found none of these apps really offer anything differentiated... for sports content, I just need a couple quick headlines, and then actually consume most of my content (aside from score checking... ESPN app fine and actualyl watching games) through either radio (sports shows) or podcasts. ... that's just me...
@JeremyZ123 What separates this for me is that i can follow specific teams and see local news that covers those teams. Not just national news on espn. It's pretty cool actually. Instead of seeing one article about the team every couple days, i'm seeing multiple articles a day. Way more interesting.
Sure... I can do that with ESPN app, too, though news is somewhat limited. On sports and teams I am super passionate about I go straight to that very specific app/site. app is one of my most used apps because I can watch games, classic games, videos, news, stats, standings, etc. for all teams and specific to my favorite team. I'm all for building a better all purpose sports app. Chat Sports had a lot of positive press at one point, pimping the social+local+news nature of it... and for me, it just wasn't an improved process...
@JeremyZ123 Hey Jeremy - have you tried Chat Sports 2.0 released a couple weeks ago? Added scores/live stats/live play by play to our great content & social offering. Would love to hear your feedback on how we can get you to delete your ESPN me
Congrats to Sports Feed team - downloaded the app and think it is great. Nice work guys.