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Hey PHers, everyone at the Sportle office is super stoked to be on Product Hunt today! We built Sportle, first and foremost, as frustrated sports fans. It shouldn’t be so hard to find and watch live sports streams in 2016. Imagine you're out at dinner. You receive multiple texts about a crazy college basketball game that’s entering the 3rd overtime. By the time you figure out which channel is showing the game, whether you have the right app installed or not, try to remember your cable credentials and actually find the stream, the game is over. This hurts the fans, the leagues, the sports networks, cable providers… everyone involved. Sportle aggregates live sports content from around the globe and streamlines the live sports streaming experience. Our goal is to help sports fans enjoy the content they love most, wherever they may be. We’ve been featured on Vice, Mashable and Fox Business… but we’re most excited about being on Product Hunt! Happy to answer any questions. Thanks to Eric for hunting us!
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@alit Well said! One thing to add though. While our desktop product is functional, we're definitely more of an iOS product. Android users, we're coming soon!
Sportle is the fastest and easiest way to find live sports streams. Within seconds, you can find where a game is streaming and whether you have access to it. It's also the essential sports app to discover live events you didn’t know were happening.
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@erictwillis Thanks again for hunting us Eric!
Which providers does this work nicely with? Being in the UK I'm guessing we don't have much luck haha.
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Hi @bentossell ... right, we're focused on US stream providers at first. Some stream providers, like events on YouTube, LiveStream and a few others are available globally. Our roadmap includes expanding into a few European territories in the coming 9-12 months... keep us in mind :)
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great overview of streams
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@leanbean thanks... long time, hope all is well! let me know of any feedback/improvements, especially from a ux/ui perspective
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@alit @leanbean Hey Ali - the biggest pain point from my perspective as a user was not being able to identify the free streams versus the paid-for streams. having pivots/filters for the stream type would go a long way in making the UI more user friendly :)
@brdick thanks for the suggestion! if you tap "All Sports" from the home screen, you'll see there are filters for sports. the "Available to Me" filter is intended to show you only what you have access to based on any credentials you've entered, but we haven't perfected it and we may switch that to free vs. paid-for, as you identified. please continue to send feedback... much appreciated!
This is huge! I will use it for sure. This is such a problem for sports fans. Nice idea.