Crowd-Source Sports Predictions that beat Vegas

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Hi all, cofounder Chris here, happy to answer any questions you have about SportHold :)
@ct_oz hey there, nice prezi just now! So, this is more than just sports predictions, yes? You're really just building crazy modeling/data crunching and sports is the fun thing you're starting with... or am I off?
@imkialikethecar My apologies for the slow response, I'm guessing you're the one who wrote about us, thanks! Yes, you've got it essentially right and glad you enjoyed the pitch. Happy to chat to you further about it if you like. As you know from my pitch, I'm direct and to the point :)
While this is different from traditional fantasy sports, you'll likely attract a somewhat similar crowd. How do you plan on showing them the benefits of your product vs a traditional league they are accustomed to?
@_ryangilbert Hi Ryan, good question, the key is that we look at game results and teams (for now) whereas fantasy is much more about player performance. We do run challenges that have cash prizes and we have lots of reasons for people to use the platform but the key difference is that we optimise our environment to collect authentic predictions whereas other platforms optimise for pageviews that drive ad impressions or for entry fees to their tournament so their data is less 'pure'.