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Hi everyone at PH! I am very happy to announce the launch of Sporteventus iOS app! The Sporteventus app was initially intended for people who are traveling or planning a trip. It allows to discover the sporting events that take place around a location within specific dates. I always try to catch a game when I am traveling and it takes a lot of time to figure out what teams are playing at what locations and on what dates. Also, there is always the chance that an event is held at a city near the one I visit and I never find out about it. The Sporteventus app allows to search for events within a specific distance of a location and on specific dates. It features an advanced search function that allows the user to additionally filter events by sport, competition, team and venue, simultaneously. Users may also view ticket options, compare prices from different providers and buy tickets through the app. I consider Sporteventus a tool for the sports fan. It helps finding the schedule of your favorites within seconds. You may set your favorite team, competition, venue or location and by just launching the app, you’ll see the schedule for your favorites. So, it really is not only for travelers. It is a companion for sports fans. 10 sports are currently supported and more than 4000 teams and venues from North & South America, Europe, Australia & South Africa. We are constantly adding new content from new regions. A big thank you to Andrew who hunted Sporteventus! We would love to hear your feedback! Any suggestion is welcome!
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@yorgosgalyfos this is great. Would you say more user would use it when they're at their destination or before arriving as they're planning? Or more of a discovery type, so find event, then travel.
@wololodev thanks for asking! It really covers all three uses you mentioned: 1. When the user knows their destination and dates beforehand, so they want to discover the sporting events that take place at that destination when they get there. 2. When the user is already traveling, so by launching the app they will see all the events taking place the following days at that location. 3. For the sports enthusiast, who like sports tourism, to discover the events that take place at locations they want to visit, so take advantage and visit these locations and catch a game while they are there! Of course, it would help to organize and check the events before traveling, in order to buy tickets in time. However, even while traveling, users would be able to buy tickets for events taking place at the same or next day, since some of our providers offer e-tickets, so there is no need for waiting for them to be posted ;) We are planning on adding more features in order to make Sporteventus a more travel-oriented app, for organizing your trips around sporting events. User feedback is really important at this stage, so please share any thoughts :)
@yorgosgalyfos cool cool, im at sxsw so i might give it a try for a hockey game :) don't focus on travel, increase your user base and your core product. We'll help you on the travel aspect when you're ready :) email me:
@wololodev @stay22 Cheers Hamed! :)) Of course, polishing the product is very important! I believe Sporteventus is a tool for the sports fan and could have different uses. I think that by suggesting what users can do with this app, it makes it stand out from the other sports apps. This is what I am trying to achieve by suggesting travel as one of its uses. But, I am not sticking to travel as the only use! Its great for locals too ;) Check out that feature for personalizing the events on startup. Go to the main menu and then Settings --> Events On Startup and select your favorites. This way when you launch the app you see the schedule you wanted to see, without searching for it! This is a great use for any sports fan! We'll soon upgrade this feature for the user to be able to see all their favorites upon launch!
Definitely could use a little polish but this is a great idea.
@clervius Thanks for the feedback, but it would really help if you specify what parts of the app you would like us to polish! Please do tell :)
@yorgosgalyfos The first I can think of is actually very simple, but may go a long way. The logos for the leagues. I see a logo that identify the sport type... but I feel like It would have a greater effect to see an NBA logo or NHL logo... Some of the text is really close together. That's not always a bad thing, but somehow it's distracting in your images... Maybe make it so that if a line of text has to be directly beneath another, that line should probably be muted.
@clervius Thank you so much the feedback. About the logos, since there are more than 500 competitions worldwide, some don't have recognizable logos, but I guess there could be logos for the most known ones.