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Hey - co-founder of Sportable here! Thanks for the question George. We worked really hard to get the most extensive database of sports facilities in London and ended up finding one for all of England. Our aim is to get people more active by breaking down their barriers while organising sport. One thing we found was that many people didn't have enough information on available sports facilities. We've now made that easily available to them by providing our users with venue information filtered by sport or closest distance. The long term goal is definitely real time bookings but for now users can look up the address & phone number and directly call off the app to make a booking.
@ayaa112 thanks Aya! Have you ever thought of using (another UK based startup :)! ) to scrape sites like foursquare, yelp etc
@georgejurgens We spent a good chunk of time researching the best option for our database and for England we were lucky to find such a detailed one (more info to be added on the platform shortly). However, the sites you mention didn't have everything we needed - like membership data, sports offered at each venue, etc. That being said, your suggestions will be helpful as we look to progress Sportable on a global scale, so thanks!
Another beautiful app coming out of London :).
Hey Product Hunters, Co-founder here. We're really excited to have launched and would really appreciate any and all feedback! Sportable is a mobile app that allows users to seamlessly organise and discover local sports activities. With an extensive directory of sports facilities in England, we help the recreational athlete find and access nearby amenities. Each player decides on a ‘play area’ where they are most active – this allows other users to match up with other local, compatible players. We solve the issue of last minute drop-outs and empty slots by advertising pick up games according to player preferences and location. Sportable advocates the achiever, the passionate athlete, the ones who value an active lifestyle but find themselves hindered by the problems associated with organising activities. Sportable is designed with these athletes in mind – the ones who drive our ethos! Thanks for all the support from the Sportable Team :)
Well this is awesome. Think you're onto something here! Clear problem and headache solved for organisers and participants of all abilities? Check. Beautiful UI and delightful UX? Check. Massive audience of people who love sport and want to participate? Check. @ayaa112 I guess your main challenge is just getting the word out and more adoption and use?
@prattarazzi Appreciate the feedback! It's definitely an issue that loads of us have on a weekly if not daily basis. We've only just launched a month ago so working on spreading the word & tweaking the app here and there. Always open to hear further ideas/suggestions.
@ayaa112 One idea to help spread the word could be to find a sports celebrity with a passion for technology who'd like to promote local sports/fitness/health across the UK and then further afield. Just a thought.
@prattarazzi definitely agree how influential that would be! We might have something up our sleeve soon ;) on another note - any celebs out there!? Ha
Any plans to expand this to the US? We play a few local sports here, too (although I'm not sure why your football players don't wear pads, helmets, and run for touchdowns; all you do is kick the ball 😁)?
@fbara Haha yes i guess playing FOOTball with our feet is baffling :D The app is usable in the US, however we just don't have a database for US sport facilities just yet, but you can manually add locations. You can still search for players and organise your local games, & we do have American Football on the app ;)
Thank @a_dewji, I'll check out the app. I don't know if you're aware of this but there's another app with the same name so you might lose some downloads from confused users. Also, I don't know what the icon is supposed to represent. It doesn't give me any info about your app or what I can do with it.
@fbara The icon is meant to represent a bouncing ball that could symbolise any type of ball. Ya we're aware of the other app, but thankfully it's a different concept.