Ever just want a cuddle?

Haha seriously. This looks like a recipe for restraining orders. Are we sure a legal firm isn't behind this?
@dakotayounger That would be genius.
I mean, I kind of wish this kind of app worked and it wasn't weird, but you know it's weird. How can it not be??
Imagine pitching this app to a VC haha
You've got me on: "you can see how many successful and unsuccessful cuddles they've had in the past"... :D Seriously people need to chillax on the Uberification thing :D
LOL I just can't take this seriously. So weird. I might do it the old fashioned way, anyone want a cuddle?
@bentossell yeah I downloaded Cuddlr back when it was released and it suggested to cuddle with Rajvinder, Albert or Ahmed that were nearby. So I sort of panicked like a little girl and deleted the app..